Want Better Data From AdWords Keyword Planner? Use The Forecasting Tools, Says Google

Now Google has officially announced that the limited access to Keyword Planner from just anyone that wanted some good search volume data, the team using the tool that aiming to inform advertisers how to use it more effectively for camping panning. Now, I get keyword ideas and sense of CPCs to be able to rough budget estimate, it is based on geotargets and devices for some slicing and dicing.

Keyword Planner is confusing where this start (right from the start). I assumed Google was referring to the “plan your budget and get forecasts” section of keyword planner but I refers to the forecasting features available after you and start from “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.”



After that you can see next screen, where broad ranges in average monthly search volume data that aren’t exactly useful for planning. You can go through the exercise of researching keyword and add them to your plan. You can see the click of review plan button as shown in the below screen shot.



After that you are at the forecasting page where initial forecast page starts at the ad group level. You start by setting a top- level bid and/or an optional daily budget if you know you’ll have a fixed spend.


Clicking on any of the ad groups allows you to get more granular by setting bids at the keyword level.


And, of course, you can add negative keywords, search keyword and also match this, locations and language and choose whether you want to include Google search partners such as example is given below. There are also conversion estimates available.

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