PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1 Released

The team of PHP development is announces that the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1. This release marks the beginning of the first minor release in the PHP 7.x series. All users of PHP are upgrade to test this version carefully.

PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1 comes with some features such as (incomplete list):-
•    Nullable Types
•    Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment
•    Allow specifying keys in list()
•    Generalize support of negative string offsets
•    Void Return Type
•    Class constant visibility modifiers
•    Multi catch

For more information on the new features and other changes, you can read the NEWS file, or the UPGRADING file for a complete list of upgrading notes.



For source downloads of PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1 please visit the download page, Windows sources and binaries can be found on Atechnocrat is one of the best PHP Web Development Company in India that provides development services with affordable rates.

Thank You !


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