AdWords Editor Updated To Support Expanded Text Ads

Good news for Paid Search managers that working to get expanded text ads implemented. Google released globally an update to AdWords Editor that supports the longer ads and it support for expanded text ads is among several updates in AdWords Editor 11.5


If you already installed AdWords Editor, you’ll be prompted to update to version 11.5. There is a new expanded text ads (ETA) section which put under Ads in the left navigation, located above the original Text ads setup area. Here layout looks like this:-

Some new features in AWE 11.5
In addition to supporting expanded text ads, the new version of AdWords Editor supports:-

  • Better Advanced Search
  • Creating and editing structured snippet extensions
  • Adding and editing mobile app engagement ads for Android apps
  • Simultaneously the ability to post changes from multiple accounts, upload a CSV to multiple accounts or download information from multiple accounts to one CSV file

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