Color Fade: A Visual History Of Google Ad Labeling In Search Results

A visual history of Google Ad Labeling in search results, history of Google ad labeling is changes in search results. Before some days Google Ads Text color shift from the long-standing yellow to green. Below is a look at the major updates to the Google Ads Text. On desktop you can see there is typically a small amount of space visible above the fold below the four ads, while that real estate shows a map (as in the first example below) or image results.

history-google-ad-backgrounds-labels.pngMore above-the-fold monetization

In this example with product listing ads, it is the most renowned features on the mobile results is the distance call –out in the first ad, which is a local inventory ad.

serp-google-devices-carrentalncy 1.png
Last fall, Google surveyed how Google Ads Text same treat from organic content in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Bing labels ads with a very subtle gray “Ad” label. The exception is in the Bing App, the “Ads” label above the product ads is in Bing-teal, as shown in the example below.

In May, at SMX Advanced Sundeep Jain, who oversees text ads at Google and told the audience in May that the green ad label was chosen to simplify the colorscape on mobile. Google also stressed that testing showed consumers were no one confuse about what is paid ads and unpaid when the label was green than when it was yellow. We are India based SEO Company offering reliable and Affordable SEO Plan in whole world.

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