Report: Number of Google Organic Blue Links Results Drops from 10 to 8.5

Searchmetrics has released a new Google search results. This study says that now, Google is less likely to show 10 organic blue links. Instead, Google shows only 8.5 blue links on average but this links with featured snippets, app packs, knowledge panels, images, video and more.

Organic Blue Links Drop from 10 to 8.5 Per Search Query

Searchmetrics say that you are less likely to see 10 links on a Google search results page for your query.


Universal Search Results Change from 2015 to 2016

Look integration of images, product listing ads, videos, news and maps have changed from 2015 to 2016 in the Google search results.


Knowledge Panels, Direct Answers and App Packs

Google showing rich results both on desktop on mobile, but how often they show results depends on the category and query of the search. Around every 10 mobile queries return mobile app packs, and you can see direct answers or featured snippets on desktop as you are on mobile, according to this study.




Finally, this chart is showing the percentage of time you will see a rich result, by type, by desktop versus mobile.

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The Real Time for Google Penguin Algorithm is LIVE

Today we are received an official confirmation from Google Penguin 4.0 is officially side and Algorithm of Google’s Core.

Penguin is now The Real Time.  The historically line-up of the sites concerned by Penguin was systematically refreshed at the same time.  With this change Penguin’s data is refreshed in such actual time so changes will be visible much faster typically taking effect shortly after we crawl and index a page as well as we’re not going to comment on future refreshes.

The Real feature time hint the effects of the Penguin algorithmic filter that means demotions and promotions of organic rankings for the website due to link spam (unusual links) take effect faster in the past. In the past every Google Penguin update brought radical changes.


The 4.0 Penguin is the last updated in history and there will be no other update.
Important points about the Real Time Penguin

  • The Google Penguin negative or positive signal is now recalculated on crawl. Link Detox Boost is the unique tool also to test & try links effects and not only make the disclaim work.
  • Google Penguin now not only affects the whole site. Its impact on all the levels like domain, folders and pages probably also keywords and keyword groups. So anything that goes into the organic rankings will affected by the Penguin algorithm on a fine level.
  • Because of it will be harder to diagnose small Penguin fine in many cases.
  • Since the Google Penguin will be more granular it mean threatening SEO part of a website trips the Penguin filter. While other parts are ranking fine. This will makes doing a competitive research using Competitive Link Detox for every main topic  site covers more important to understand different risk level standards.
  • Because of the Subfolder Analysis Feature of Link Detox will become one of the most important features to diagnose and fix Penguin bases ranking issues.
  • The Filter Slice Feature that Link Detox and LRT have for years will be very helpful to analyse the risk per groups of keywords groups of source domains, countries, types of links and many more.

What we can assume from Google Penguin 4.0

Following Google Penguin 4.0 since its first launch in the April 2012 we’ve analyzed and restore the hundreds and thousands of website and put together a lot of material experience and historical data that track our Link Detox Genesis algorithms.


Get notified about the Real Time Penguin 4.0 research

•    What the real time facet for Google Penguin 4.0 means for you and your business work
•    In the future how the link penalties will work.
•    A look back in history of Google Penguin Updates  we’ve followed by every detail since April 2012
•    What are the current risks and threats to your business the Google Penguin 4.0 update brings
•    The latest opportunities Google Penguin 4.0 update brings
•    How you can  handle the new fast Google Penguin 4.0 update
•    How great contents marketing can support you in the Penguin 4.0 term
•    How the Big strategy of Google finally comes together in 2016 with Google Penguin 4.0

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The Four Pillars of the Future of SEO

SEO has come a long time from being all about on-page optimization that is building backlinks and creating “relevant” content. But when I read search engine blogs and now trend is change that moving towards a new strategy for link building or content marketing.


RankBrain is one of the third most significant ranking factor in the Google algorithm, but it is perhaps the most misunderstood one. I personally believed Google’s admission that they don’t understand RankBrain.

According to Gary Illyes and Andrey Lipattsev of Google, RankBrain is not work proper on your backlink profile, content quality or click-through rate. RankBrain only helps the algorithm interpret queries better and well match them with relevant page content. RankBrain helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding for publishers. The aim of AMP is able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive could be clunky and slow because desktop resources are heavy and plenty. Most of the elements of a desktop website is unnecessary for a mobile site.


The Knowledge Graph & Rich Answers

Google’s Knowledge Graph, launched in 2012, its slow but sure attempt to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible,” Now currently, around 40 percent of Google queries display “rich answers,” which include featured snippets, but not knowledge panels.


Real-Time, Integrated Penalty Filters

Google announced finally Penguin updated after two years. That’s because Penguin is now a real-time signal processed within Google’s search algorithm. Data on your pages is refreshed every time Google re-crawls and re-indexes them.

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Twitter’s Relaxed Character Limit Doesn’t Apply To Ads, But There’s a Workaround

It’s finally starting today any photos, videos, polls and quoted tweets included promoted tweets created using Twitter’s Ad dashboard still count only 140-character limit. When first if a brand posts a tweet organically then runs it as a Promoted Tweet, while media attachments won’t count, giving the brand more room for text in its ad. According to Twitter’s updated developer documentation, still tweets are limited to four photos or 1 GIF or 1 video.


Now still Twitter count only the 140-character limit (at least for now): usernames in replies, links and hashtags. But when usernames replies that won’t count against the 140-character limit for long. If you are starting a fresh tweet with someone’s Twitter username, that will be considered a normal, non-reply tweet, and the username will count against the 140-character limit.


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Twitter Now Lets Brands Say When They’re Available To Respond To Tweets

Twitter is playing catch-up with Facebook once again when it became a brands’ favored social media  for customer service. Now Businesses’ Twitter profiles display the hours that a company is available to respond to people’s tweets — such as “24/7” or “4am-11pm” along with it has feature button people can click to send it a direct message. Last year Facebook rolled out similar features.

Unlike Twitter’s version, that define how quick they are to respond like “within minutes” or “within a day”. Twitter doesn’t offer such a badge that can validate a brand account’s availability or have a way to ensure that businesses adhere to their defined availability hours.

Twitter is adding something new when people search for Twitter accounts, mention a brand’s account in a tweet or look through their list of direct message threads, they also can see “Provides support” detail which attached to a brand’s account name. it’ll look like the “Following” tag that’s appended when you see an account that you follow.

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5 Essential Elements of Modern Website Design for Business

In modern times business website is such one of the most genuinely promotion tools for business. As designers and marketers constantly push to find best ways to find out more attractive design which attract the attention of visitors.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design is identified by a framework and also it is simple in nature. In Minimalistic Design only necessary elements for functionality are included. This design focus on space, simplicity and beautiful typography. It’s a great option for a number of design projects. This is the biggest reasons Minimalist Design is so popular.

Plenty For Open Space

It is important for designers to think close to being with their layouts. We must remember to bring a page which get viewers’ attention, whether purchasing from browsing site. Open Space is an important tool in designing because in this you can easily control the flow of information to the viewer. Read More


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Google Rolls Out Campaign Groups In AdWords

Before weeks ago, Google roll out a new AdWords feature called Campaign Groups. On Tuesday, Google officially announced that the release of Campaign Groups, which lets advertisers group campaigns with common targets to monitor performance against those goals.

Campaign Groups is available from the left sidebar in AdWords. After adding campaigns to a group, advertisers can choose to monitor performance based on clicks or conversions goals and you can set specific targets for metrics such as spend, total clicks or conversions, and average CPC or CPA.

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Want Better Data From AdWords Keyword Planner? Use The Forecasting Tools, Says Google

Now Google has officially announced that the limited access to Keyword Planner from just anyone that wanted some good search volume data, the team using the tool that aiming to inform advertisers how to use it more effectively for camping panning. Now, I get keyword ideas and sense of CPCs to be able to rough budget estimate, it is based on geotargets and devices for some slicing and dicing.

Keyword Planner is confusing where this start (right from the start). I assumed Google was referring to the “plan your budget and get forecasts” section of keyword planner but I refers to the forecasting features available after you and start from “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.”



After that you can see next screen, where broad ranges in average monthly search volume data that aren’t exactly useful for planning. You can go through the exercise of researching keyword and add them to your plan. You can see the click of review plan button as shown in the below screen shot.



After that you are at the forecasting page where initial forecast page starts at the ad group level. You start by setting a top- level bid and/or an optional daily budget if you know you’ll have a fixed spend.


Clicking on any of the ad groups allows you to get more granular by setting bids at the keyword level.


And, of course, you can add negative keywords, search keyword and also match this, locations and language and choose whether you want to include Google search partners such as example is given below. There are also conversion estimates available.

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Google Officially Throttling Keyword Planner Data For Low Spending AdWords Accounts

Earlier this week, some marketers noticed that keyword planner data was displaying ranged data with precise volume. The results such as “100K–1M” and “1M+.” Last month Google announced that users do not have to have an active campaign to use Keyword Planner.

Google officially throttling Keyword Planner data for low spending AdWords accounts

According to Google, as usual “most” advertisers will see Keyword Planner data. The ranges that Google will provide for those with small (or no) spends makes the tool almost useless. The ranges that will be provided are:-

  • 0
  • 1–100
  • 100–1K
  • 1K–10K
  • 10K–100K
  • 100K–1M
  • 1M+

Another way that users may experience this ranged data is if they search for search data too often. This appears to be an issue that is specific to requests to the API. Above of 10 year Atechnocrat is providing quality and best SEO Services. It has well qualified team forgive our client outstanding services at affordable rates.

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